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    Forecast services for all of your business, personal & recreational needs.


    Reliable Weather Forecasting

    As a professional meteorologist specializing in weather forecasting, I am dedicated to providing forecasts that suit your needs. Whether you have a lengthy destination on the water, a special outdoors event or need personal guidance for recreational purposes, I offer quality forecasts to help you make smart decisions.

    Individualized Weather Forecast Options

    I will provide you with a full consultation to explain all of your available options to find a forecast plan that fits the best. I will work with you and adhere to your personal needs. 

    Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    I will strive to save you both time and money by combining my use of meteorological knowledge, the highest quality of guidance, and my dedication to delivering exceptional service. I will see to it that every forecast is professionally handled and you are satisfied.



    Forecasts for Sailing / Yachting / Shipping

    There are many folks who get underway for long treks up and down the coast, deliveries, regattas, and voyages to the Caribbean and across vast parts of the ocean. This requires knowing what to expect well ahead of time. Stay ahead of the curve with professional guidance.

    Recreational & Personal Weather Forecasts

    Whether it is for flight forecast information, recreational water sports, inshore/offshore fishing needs, land based recreational purposes or for just peace of mind, I got you covered!

    Outdoor Events

    Many outdoor events such as festivals, ball games, race car events or live concerts are planned and are fully exposed to the outside elements. Knowing what the expected weather conditions will be ahead of time and in real time is key to public safety. It also helps to know what to bring and what to wear! 

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    Shea has been our go to weather guy for Sperry Charleston Race Week for years. Its great to have someone that can incorporate sailing into their forecasts. ~Randy Draftz, Charleston Race Week Director

    As the operations manager of Charleston Harbor Tours, the weather in and around the harbor is extremely important to me. Shea's forecasting has been on the money... he is my most valuable source for weather information and insight.  
    ~Scott Szczepaniak

    Shea Gibson has been my go to meteorologist for years. As a boat captain, I have come to rely on his guidance on making the right choice in the "go" or "no go" situations I'm faced with. I refer to him as my weather man on speed dial. ~Captain Tripp Hanna

    Flight operations for a flight School is very weather dependent. Before we fly we must be certain of conditions. I can always rely on weather forecasts from Shea Gibson. He provides constant updates during changing conditions. I keep his information in my phone for ready reference.  
    ~Joe Bustos, Owner Mt. Pleasant Flight Training (and also a Mt. Pleasant, SC Town Councilman)


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    Leading Edge Weather


    Monday - Sunday: 8am - 8pm ....other hours highly dependent on services provided. 

    For those in the Chucktown Wind Report and other free services, your support and contributions will help fund continuing forecast efforts for those needs. Thank you very much for your generosity!

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